Showfilmfirst work with the UK’s film distributors to organize preview film screenings for target audiences. These tickets are completely free and anyone can register to receive invites. So, what’s the catch, we hear you ask?

The best films are the ones that fully understand their target audience. Does your Bruce-Willis-Vin-Diesel loving other half really want to be dragged along to the latest Almodovar movie? Would your granny’s new pacemaker stand up to the thrills of the new Evil Dead remake? Ok, some might, but generally it’s a big No! The proven best recommendation for a film is word-of-mouth, and the film distributors want the people they think will most love a film to see it – and to tell all their friends about it.

So being a Showfilmfirst member is not only a great opportunity but also a privilege. You are a Very Important Person to the industry. It’s your reaction and feedback that matters. Remember Charlie and the golden ticket? You hang on to it and don’t share it with anybody! Why? Because the distributor thinks YOU will enjoy this film, not your brother or your auntie or your boss. Wrong audiences generate wrong feedback, and wrong feedback means preview screenings won’t work- meaning you won’t get to see films early.

Feedback is the most important part, tell us how you enjoyed the film, on our Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or feedback surveys. We don’t mind- Just let us know your review.

In all, it’s a terrific system that benefits everyone, but only if you stick to a few golden rules, which as a responsible member of the audience we’re sure you will.

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