New in Cinema… 7th July, 2017


Swinging onto screens this week is ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, which finds Tom Holland’s superhero under the watchful eye of mentor Tony Stark/Iron Man. A young boy grapples with his mounting terror following a cataclysm in the psychological horror ‘It Comes at Night’; Shirley Maclaine determines to have ‘The Last Word’, in the comedy/drama which also stars Amanda Seyfried, and Ryan Gosling stars in ‘Song to Song’, Terrence Malick’s love story set around the Austin, Texas rock and roll scene,

American Hero (15)

Action | Comedy | Drama

Dir. Nick Love, US, 2015, 86 mins

Cast: Stephen Dorff, Eddie Griffin, Bill Billions

Melvin, a reluctant Superhero, lives only for crime, women and drugs – until he realises that the only way he will ever get to see his estranged son is to go straight and fulfil his potential as a crime fighter.



Spider-Man: Homecoming (3D) (12A)

Action | Adventure | Sci-fi

Dir. Jon Watts, US, 2017, 133 mins

Cast: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Zendaya, Donald Glover, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Tony Revolori, Tyne Daly, Bokeem Woodbine, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr.

A young Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who made his sensational debut in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging super hero in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.

Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.).

Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine – distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man – but when the Vulture (Michael Keaton) emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.

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A Change In The Weather (PG)


Dir. Jon Sanders, UK, 2017, 99 mins

Cast: Meret Becker, Douglas Finch, Maxine Finch

Set in the heart of French Cathar Country, A Change in the Weather is the latest work from director Jon Sanders (Back to the Garden, Painted Angels), featuring longtime collaborators Anna Mottram and Bob Goody alongside celebrated German actress and singer, Meret Becker and featuring a screen debut from Nottingham playwright, Stephen Lowe.

In an attempt to revisit a creative collaboration and revive his marriage, a theatre director brings together a group of performers to spend a week with him and his wife in an isolated, mountainous part of southern France. As the work progresses, fiction and reality become blurred and there is a constant tension between the characters’ own lives and the nature of the work – an investigation into the changing nature of love. The couple are haunted by memories and dreams which, in the end, threaten not only the venture but the marriage itself. All this is underpinned by a sense of melancholy, reflected in the songs and music performed, and in the dramatic and implacably beautiful landscape.

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Abacus: Small Enough To Jail


Dir. Steve James, US, 2016, 88 mins

Cast: Neil Barofsky, Ti-Hua Chang, Margaret Colin

Abacus: Small Enough to Jail tells the incredible saga of the Chinese immigrant Sung family, owners of Abacus Federal Savings of Chinatown, New York. Accused of mortgage fraud by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., Abacus becomes the only U.S. bank to face criminal charges in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

The indictment and subsequent trial forces the Sung family to defend themselves – and their bank’s legacy in the Chinatown community – over the course of a five-year legal battle.

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Boy And The Beast, The (12)

Animation | Action | Adventure

Dir. Mamoru Hosoda, Japan, 2015, 119 mins, Subtitles

Cast: Bryn Apprill, Kumiko Asô, Morgan Berry

The latest feature film from award-winning Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Wolf Children): When Kyuta, a young orphan living on the streets of Shibuya, stumbles into a fantastic world of beasts, he”s taken in by Kumatetsu, a gruff, rough-around-the-edges warrior beast who”s been searching for the perfect apprentice.

Despite their constant bickering, Kyuta and Kumatetsu begin training together and slowly form a bond as surrogate father and son.

But when a deep darkness threatens to throw the human and beast worlds into chaos, the strong bond between this unlikely family will be put to the ultimate test–a final showdown that will only be won if the two can finally work together using all of their combined strength and courage.



It Comes At Night (15)

Horror | Mystery

Dir. Trey Edward Shults, US, 2017, 91 mins

Cast: Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Riley Keough, Carmen Ejogo, Kelvin Harrison

Imagine the end of the world. Now imagine something worse. Award-winning filmmaker Trey Edward Shults follows his breakout debut ‘Krisha’ with the psychological horror thriller ‘It Comes At Night’, centering on a teenaged boy (Kelvin Harrison, Jr.) as he grapples with mounting terrors—external and otherwise—in the aftermath of an unnamed cataclysm.

Secure within a desolate home with his vigilant, protective and heavily armed parents (Joel Edgerton and Carmen Ejogo), 17-year-old Travis navigates fear, grief and paranoia amid scarce resources as a desperate young couple (Christopher Abbott and Riley Keough) seeks refuge in his family home with their young child.

Despite the best intentions of both families, panic and mistrust boil over as the horrors of the outside world creep ever closer. But they are nothing compared to the horrors within, where Travis discovers that his father’s commitment to protecting the family may cost him his soul.

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Last Word, The (15)

Comedy | Drama

Dir. Mark Pellington, US, 2017, 108 mins

Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Amanda Seyfried, Ann Jewel, Lee Dixon

A once successful businesswoman (Shirley MacLaine) in tight control of every aspect of her life reflects upon her accomplishments and is suddenly inspired to engage a young local writer (Amanda Seyfried) to pen her life story.

When the initial result doesn’t meet her expectations she sets out to reshape the way she is remembered, dragging her along as unwilling accomplice.

As the journey unfolds, the two women develop a unique bond.

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Midwife, The


Dir. Martin Provost, France, 2017, 117 mins

Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Frot, Olivier Gourmet 

Two French acting greats, Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot, share the screen for the very first time in The Midwife, a bright and charming drama about old acquaintances and new beginnings from celebrated director Martin Provost (Séraphine, Violette).

Conscientious, inhibited and perhaps a little self-righteous midwife Claire (Frot) is stuck in a rut. After years of placing other people before herself, she’s worried she might have been left behind. One day, however, an unexpected phone call changes everything. The call is from her father’s former mistress, Béatrice (Deneuve), a capricious free spirit who’s been off-grid since she walked out on them over three decades ago. As circumstances reunite these two polar-opposites, flighty Béatrice is forced to consider her responsibilities, while uptight Claire finally learns to let go of her troubles.

Sparkling with humour, tenderness and mischievous charm, Provost’s film provides a perfect canvas for its tour-de-force lead performances. A bold and buoyant two-hander, The Midwife is a bewitching and unapologetic celebration of life’s loves, losses and endless fresh surprises.



Paw Patrol: Mission Big Screen

Animation | Action | Adventure

Dir. Various, 65 Mins

Cast:  Max Calinescu, Devan Cohen, Anya Cooke

There’s no screen too big and no pup too small in this ‘Pawsome’ cinema experience. Join Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye and the rest of the PAW Patrol as they take on em‘bark’ on adventures in Adventure Bay and beyond. Read the full synopsis

Featuring favourite PAW Patrol episodes never before seen in cinemas, plus a special sneak peak of the pups newest adventure and unique interactive activities, PAW Patrol Mission: Big Screen, is a not to be missed family cinema event.

Episodes shown as part of this special presentation are:

Air Pups: When Volcano Island erupts, the pups must take to the sky! Can they soar to the rescue of Cap’n Turbot, Francois and a monkey family?

Tracker Joins the Pups: Ryder and the pups are on their way to the jungle to help Carlos move a relic to the museum when he falls into a pit. Carlos is saved by a big eared pup named Tracker.



Song to Song (15)

Drama | Music | Romance

Dir. Terrence Malick, US, 2017, 129 mins

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender

The new love story from filmmaker Terrence Malick. Set against and inspired by the Austin, Texas rock and roll scene, the film follows four interconnected lovers as they tumble and clash in both their roller coaster musical careers and rule-breaking intimate lives. Amid a world driven by youth, passion,  lust, drugs and creativity, the story hones in on one couple who find in each other a way to bust through all the wild distractions of our modern lives and seek satisfaction in a new way.

Filmed throughout Austin and at its world-famed music festivals by three-time Academy Award winner Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki, SONG TO SONG features unexpected performances from some of contemporary cinema’s biggest stars including Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Natalie Portman.

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Tommy’s Honour (PG)

Biography | Drama | Romance 

Dir. Jason Connery, UK/US, 2016, 112 mins

Cast: Sam Neill, Ophelia Lovibond, Jack Lowden

In every generation, a torch passes from father to son. And that timeless dynamic is the beating heart of TOMMY’S HONOUR – an intimate, powerfully moving tale of the real-life founders of the modern game of golf.



Tree Of Wooden Clogs (R/I) (12A)

Drama | History

Dir. Ermanno Olmi, Italy, 1978, 186 mins, Subtitles

Cast: Luigi Ornaghi, Francesca Moriggi, Omar Brignoli 

The life inside a farm in Italy at the beginning of the century. Many poor country families live there, and the owner pays them by their productivity. One of the families has a very clever child.

They decide to send him to school instead of make him help them, although this represents a great sacrifice. The boy has to wake up very early and walk several miles to get to the school.

One day the boy’s shoes break when returning home, but they do not have money to buy another pair. What can they do?


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