Watch exclusive clips of ‘Secret Life of Pets’ DVD Bonus Feature ‘Norman Television’

Turns out there’s more to the secret life of pets than we discovered in The Secret Life of Pets. Yahoo Movies have released the exclusive first look at the exciting bonus features which comes along with the release of DVD, Blu-ray and 4k Ultra HD versions this month.

Norman Television, an all-new short film about Pets‘ wayward hamster. (Watch a 50-second snippet above courtesy of Yahoo Movies.)

As you may recall, Norman has escaped his enclosure and gotten lost among the labyrinthine ducts of the apartment building. The 4-minute mini-movie reveals how the rodent remains entertained during the day — by watching the hijinks of the human residents in the hamster’s own conception of reality TV, from zany sitcom to mouth-watering cooking show to fantastic adventure.

The Norman short is one of three included on the home release; Weenie reveals the secret life of the movie’s sausage factory, while Mower Minions, which played in front of the film during its theatrical run, shows what happens when the yellow-hued sidekicks try to earn some cash. Among the dozen other extras included on the discs is a featurette about the making of the mini-movies.

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