Win tickets to see all the “inner cringeworthy” side of Hailee Steinfeld in her new film, The Edge of Seventeen. 

According to Nadine, there are two types of humans in the world: “The people who radiate confidence and naturally excel at life and the people who hope those people die in a big explosion.”

We can’t help but wonder if it was clever casting of actress Hailee Steinfeld (who at 19 has a growing singing career, starred in global hits such as True Grit and Pitch Perfect even earning herself a Oscar-nomination) to perfectly contrast her on screen character, Nadine. A socially awkward outsider with a sharp tongue, an eccentric sense of fashion, and little respect for authority. Nadine is a high school misfit who mostly seems happy with her status as an outsider.

However, Steinfeld insists that she and her fictional character meet perfectly in an inner cringeworthy place. Wearing “next to no makeup” on set and embracing her break outs!

Written and directed by Kelly Fremon Craig, THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN is a refreshingly authentic coming-of-age story that perfectly captures those awkward teenage years. When Nadine’s BFF Krista (Hayley Lu Richardson) romantically clicks with her hunky, golden boy older brother Darien (Blake Jenner), Nadine is thrown into a suicidal spiral -because in high school, everything is the end of the world.

Running to Mr Bruner, (Woody Harrelson) her reluctant mentor, who meets her with the same amount of sarcasm and vitriol that she spews, Nadine seeks help to navigate her way through to adulthood. The unstable support system creates hilarious and energetic scenes both parents and teens will be able to relate too!

THE EDGE OF SEVENTEEN will be in cinemas from 30th November but we are giving preview tickets to a handful of lucky SFF members to see the film on Tuesday 22nd November. If you want to be in with the chance to be at that preview enter our competition!


But be quick! Competition closes: 17 Nov 2016 23:59

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