Emily Blunt hid her pregnancy on the set of ‘The Girl on The Train’

The Girl On The Train, the film adaptation of the Paula Hawkins best selling novel of the same name, is Emily Blunts latest starring role. But after falling pregnant during filming, Blunt kept the baby under wraps- literally.

In the film she plays a ravaged, emotionally unstable alcoholic in a permanent state of listlessness and confusion — she reveals her co-stars became worried that she was living the role due to her behaviour on set.

“I was really tired all the time, which is not my normal self, and people thought I’d begun drinking heavily, just to get into character,” Blunt says. “I don’t think I’ve ever played someone who is in such a dark place and truly in the depths of despair.”

“But it wasn’t the part I was playing that made it such a struggle to keep going; what no one knew was that I’d just found out I was pregnant with my second child, but I was determined not to let anyone think I was using that as an excuse.”


The only person on set who knew was Justin Theroux, who plays her ex-husband in his first major movie role. Emily and Justin — married to Jennifer Aniston — are old friends. “And he only guessed because I was being a bit of a wuss about some of my scenes, which isn’t like me at all.”

Theroux, 45, told PEOPLE Now, “She was not giving a word up, and I was like, ‘Why are you behaving so weird in rehearsal?’ She was not wanting to jump or run … and this was the woman who did Edge of Tomorrow, this was the woman who has done Sicario, so I know she can handle herself.”

Blunt reveals the moment he found out “He said: ‘Are you pregnant or something?’ I said: ‘Well, yes I am, but don’t tell anyone.’


Her other co-star- Luke Evans, 37, recalls how Blunt told him she was expecting just moments before filming an intense scene.

“It was a funny moment,” he said. “I remember her telling me and whispering it in my ear, ‘No one knows yet. I thought I might want to tell you before you throw me around the room.’ ” – And the actor says he appreciated the information before their dramatic scene together.

“I’m glad she did tell me,” he says. “Not that anything we were doing would have been that dangerous, but it was good to know.”


Once her co-stars were in on the secret, and her tummy continued to swell, Blunt revealed she eventually couldn’t keep her pregnancy from the director anymore.

“I had to tell Tate Taylor (the director), when we filmed a scene where I am in the bath, and I told him: ‘You have to shoot it from behind.’ When he asked why, I showed him my expanding tummy and said: ‘Because of this.’ By the time filming finished, I was 20 weeks gone!”

Emily managed to keep her pregnancy a secret from the wider world until she announced she had given birth to her second daughter, Violet, at the end of June 2016.

The Girl On The Train releases into UK cinemas October 7rd and is being tipped as a Oscar worthy performance from Blunt. See the Trailer below.


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