Deep Water Horizon Review

Date: Tuesday, 27th September 2016.  SFF Member: Laura Quinn.

“Last night I went to watch #DeepwaterHorizon with my husband Mark and daughter, I had seen posters online for this film but wasn’t sure if it would be my type of thing, but I’m so pleased I went it was a brilliant film! A definate must see that will have you gripped from beginning to end- be warned it could have you getting the tissues out and will have you cringing at parts seeing what the people involved had to go through.

Thank-you #Showfilmfirst for the tickets. The film starts at the beginning Mike (Mark Wahlburg) getting ready to leave his wife (Kate Hudson) and daughter for 45 days, as he’s going to work on the oil rig, deep water horizon. He had a funny feeling about leaving -making sure his wife knew insurance password, and also his colleagues as they leave for work. It’s shows the banter on the helicopter, and the arrival on the oil rig. There’s confusion when they get there as other shift are leaving and it’s apparent the jobs not been finished, mr Jimmy and Mike get to work seeing what the problem is and has the job been done or not, and Mr Jimmy tries to find out why the ship the Banksy is there, it very soon becomes clear that the men from BP aren’t working with them and are trying to cut costs! Making some bad decisions against the advice Mr Jimmy and his team are giving he thinks he knows best, so the nod is giving to drill which causes flooding of oil to shoot up , which then causes a fire. 11 men lost their lives , many of the men and the woman on the oil rig were injured you see how those that lived escaped with their lives amazingly. This film was based on a true life story in Mexico in 2010.”

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