5 Films Which May Not Be As Original As You Think

They say that each story boils down to about 7 key plot lines… how true is this? We explored some movies which plots have been rumored to be based on existing classics…

Lion King inspired by Hamlet

lion king

Disney’s Africa-set animation has been dubbed the studio’s first animation on an original story. However the filmmakers themselves will admit Shakespeare’s Hamelt was used for direct inspirations.

Here’s an A-level literacy review: Prince Hamlet seeks revenge on his uncle Claudius who murdered his brother (Hamlet’s Pa) and seized the throne. Sound familiar?

Interestingly, ‘The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride’ is loosely based on ‘Romeo and Juliet’.


10 Things I hate about you inspired by Taming of the shrew

10 things I hate

Not just another teen movie… apparently! Keeping with the Shakespeare theme – This 1999 rom com starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles is actually a modern version of Shakespeare’s ‘The taming of the shrew’ – a story about an undatable young girl and the quest to find her a suitor.


Easy A inspired by A Scarlett Letter

easy A

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s epic work of romantic fiction set in 17th century puritanical Boston may seem like an unlikely source for the plot of a high school movie, but that’s exactly what Will Gluck did for his second film ‘Easy A’.

Like the source, ‘Easy A’ (which stars Emma Stone in a breakout role) features a lead character publicly shamed for adultery by being forced to wear a red A stitched to her clothes.

Easy A is the comic high school movie where star Emma Stone is publically shamed for her adultery by wearing a big red A- the same situation as Nathaniel Hawthorne’s set in 17th Century Boston.


Clueless inspired by Emma


Janes Austens 1815 novel Emma is a far cry from the 1995 teen comedy starring Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy. But wait, Oh no it isn’t! Swapping Regency England for Beverly Hills, both stories follow a young girl who is still spoiled, self-satisfied, and blind to the dangers of meddling in other people’s affairs.


Barb inspired by Casablanca


Flash back to 1996 Pamela Anderson winning a golden raspberry for ‘worst new star’ in ‘Barb Wire.’ It’s hard to image, but the story behind barb wire was actually well respected comic and film, Casablanca. Moving the action from the backdrop of World War 2 to the post-apocalyptic “Second American Civil War”, and gender switching the main roles- and less boob.

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