All you need to know about Marvels newest member, Doctor Strange.

Marvel have now released two trailers for “Doctor Strange” which gave us a greater insight to the film, diving deeper into different realms and worlds. We have also been introduced to the key characters of the film, including Doctor Strange, The Ancient one and the film’s antagonist, played by Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal).

However, If you’re not yet familiar with the new “doctor strange” character, you probably have a lot of questions like: Who is he? Is he good or bad? What are his powers? And why is he strange?

Well- never fear- We’ll clear that all up.

Meet Doctor Stephen Strange, one of the best neurosurgeons in the world.


He’s brilliant at what he does, and super wealthy. But, he isn’t a nice guy. Dr. Strange is a selfish man, he only cares about his money and his own self interests.


Oh, and of course his gifted hands.


But Strange’s life is turned around when he totals his very expensive car one rainy night. 


Luckily, Dr. Strange survives the terrible car crash. But he was severely injured, his hands being particularly damaged- leaving them unable to perform surgery again.


Oh look- Rachel McAdams came to visit.


Strange doesn’t take the lifestyle change well, and spends a lot of time and money obsessing over a way to fix his hands.


Then the magic comes. He hears rumours of ‘The Ancient One’ who can supposedly has the powers to cure anything. Stephen sets off in search of ‘The Ancient one’ 


After months of searching he finally finds the infamous ‘Ancient One’ played by Tilda Swinton.


However, when he tries to leave the temple he finds his path blocked by a snowstorm (Wonder who caused that?)


After seeing into his selfish persona The Ancient one decided to teach Dr. Strange a lesson.The film then gets very interesting, and we are introduced to the idea of other dimensions and realms (Feels very “Inception”-like)


The Ancient One gives Strange a new life purpose. She tells him that while his life as a surgeon saved thousands, “there are other ways to save lives.”


We then learn that The Ancient Ones possy has way cool powers such as harnessing energy, apparate from one location to another and shape reality.


So then Strange joins the crew and begins training at the temple among other members. 


There, Strange meets Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) another student of the Ancient One, who mentors Strange.


Dr. Stange then meets Mikkelsen – another stronger sorcerer who broke away from the Ancient One to start his own rebel group.


So, we imagine it will be up to Strange to take him down. With help from his buddy Mordo.Which is good because we aren’t even sure whats going down here.  


So basically Dr.Strange is a nothing like we’ve ever seen before from Marvel. Now we have passed on everything we know, Check the full trailer. We can’t wait to see the film on the 25th October, who else?

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