“Without doubt, THE must see film of the year.” Get your tickets to the film everyone is talking about.

“Without doubt, THE must see film of the year. Never before have I seen an audience laugh, cry and sit in stunned silence during a film. Even after the credits rolled, no one moved. The impromptu round of applause well deserved. If you see one film this year, make it this one! Eye opening.”- Angela Courtney


Fed on an endless diet of Benefits reality TV it’s not surprising that some see the sick and unemployed as being a drain on society, undeserving of help and support. A Ken Loach film is always going to rage against the establishment but sometimes a work of fiction can be closer to the truth than any cleverly edited channel filler. The scene in the food bank was one of the most heart wrenching things I’ve seen in the cinema for a very long time, perhaps ever. Coming as it does after the laughter generated by the whole absurdity of the situation the characters find themselves in just makes it even tougher to watch, especially as you know it’s something that’s being repeated in real life across the country every day.

I urge everyone to see it and tell their friends to see it too. Hopefully it’ll be seen by those who can change things. It certainly needs it.” – Tim Holloway. @RattlyNoise


“Ken Loach returns with what some think may be his final film I, Daniel Blake and if this does prove to really be his last film as a director then it will prove to be a fitting send off.

This was a truly heartbreaking story focussing on one man badly let down by the welfare system when all he wants to do is work. Dave Johns is fantastic as the titular character, full of humour, warmth and remarkably calm given how clearly frustrated he is by the bureacracy in the system seemingly designed to do anything but really help.

A truly fantastic film that had me on the verge of tears several times as I got caught up in the brilliant story.” – Niall Blackie @Niallmole



“Moving on so many levels. Go watch it.” – Hannah @missradders

“Defiant, vital and shatteringly brilliant cinema. Should be mandatory”–  Damien Hyde @MykeLeighval

“Try and see it if you can- very moving, powerful filmmaking”- @pengedragon

“Absolutely devastated by I, Daniel Blake. What a fantastic and truthful film.” – Laura Helen Searle @laurahsearle

“I Daniel Blake, it’s a fantastic film true to life, so real, amazing. Fantastic film. Can’t stop talking about it.” – Kathleen @Katiebabe2010

“I, Daniel Blake is one of the saddest but truthful and thought provoking films I’ve seen in ages. Recommend!”- Lucy Owen @LifeAndLucy


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