The London Street Cat who stole the Nations hearts gets his own film.

James Bowen was having a pretty tough time, battling a drug addiction, he found himself homeless and spent 10 years sleeping on the streets of London. However when a poorly stray Cat began following him around, James took him under his wing and nursed him.

When the Cat returned to health James set him free but the Cat continued to follow him- everywhere. The two became inseparable and soon shot to local stardom as people fell in love with the pair uploading videos of the busking duo onto YouTube. (Check it out here!)

When Mary Pachnos (the literary agent responsible for the UK rights to John Grogan’s Marley and Me) caught wind of the pair she was immediately taken with the story. She introduced the unlikely pair to writer Garry Jenkins, and together they wrote the internationally best selling book, A Street Cat Named Bob.

The book tells the true story of how the adorable ginger cat met his human, James and transformed his life. And now, its being made into a film! Starring Luke Treadaway (Unbroken) and Joanne Froggatt (Downtown Abbey) we break down all the reasons you should love this film (incase you don’t already).


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The real Bob stars in the film and he knows how to high-five

If you think the cat in the film looks remarkably like the cat in the YouTube videos, you’re not wrong. The real-life Bob plays himself in the film and can even high-five. Star Luke Treadaway said “Bob is Bob – he brings a certain gravitas to the scene when he’s on set, that’s for sure.”


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The London locations are real – even Covent Garden in the rain

The production was filmed on the streets of the capital to keep the movie looking authentic. They even shoot the busking scenes on the famous cobbles of Covent Garden.


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The moment Bob chased James on to the bus really happened

When James jumped on the 73 bus to go busking, Bob jumped on board too, tracked down James took his seat on the front window and came with him all the way to Covent Garden.


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Joanne Froggatt plays James’s support worker, a big change from Downton Abbey

You may recognise her in her from Downton Abbey, but this time Joanne is very much in modern day clothes playing Val, the support worker who helps James through his drug issue and find somewhere to live. Joanne said: “It’s a different twist on a feel-good film. Because it’s real, because you see this person overcome these incredible obstacles through a connection with another being. That’s a very heart-warming story I think.”


Luke Treadaway really sings in the film and he’s not half bad

Luke, best known for his role in Angelina Jolie’s war film Unbroken, and even shows off his vocal abilities in the busking scenes.


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Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Anthony Head plays James’s dad

The former Little Britain actor gives a heart-wrenching performances as James’s estranged dad, who won’t even have his son over for Christmas. *SOBS*


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James’s love interest is played by Luke’s real-life girlfriend Ruta Gedmintas.

If she looks familiar, you might know her from horror series The Strain or as Susie from Prowl.


Its sure to pull at your heart strings and leave you feeling wonderful

“Meeting James and knowing James now – and Bob – it’s just so heart-warming to be around them and know what they went through and the kind of journey they’ve gone on” says Luke Treadaway, “They go on this incredible journey where both of them save each other.”

A Street Cat Named Bob will be released in UK cinemas on November 4

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