Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres have a Pixar off…. and its magical!

Tom Hanks brings a touch of nostalgia to everyones hearts when he asks us to use our imaginations to listen to a conversation between Pixar favourites, Woody and Dory.

In what will arguably be the best TV showdown of animated characters of all time, Hanks asked host Ellen, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, if she ever leaves children confused when they see that the forgetful blue fish is actually a 58-year-old woman. Inspired, he then asked the audience to cover their eyes so the pair could create a scene between Dory, break-out star of Finding Nemo and his own character from Toy Story, Woody.

The hilarious video gave us a unique insight to Hanks passion for Woody as we see him come alive in character,“I need my hat, you said you had my hat!” Tom demanded, but his fellow Pixar star Dory couldn’t quite remember who she was talking to: “Who are you?”

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