Felicity Jones admits she had to avoid hitting the bottle during filming of ‘A Monster Calls’

Sigourney Weaver and Felicity Jones attended the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of A Monster Calls on Thursday- and both looked incredible. However, there was more serious tones following the smiles as at the film’s gala screening, Felicity Jones revealed she had to resist using alcohol to help her cope with the challenging role, playing a terminal cancer sufferer.


A Monster Calls, is an enchanting tale of a young boy who gains assistance from a ‘tree monster’ to help him cope as his mother, Felicity, is dying of cancer, while Sigourney portrays his grandmother.


Felicity said she met women affected by cancer to help her prepare for the role and admitted it was often difficult to switch off after filming. “It definitely stays with you when you’ve finished at the end of the day,” she told Press, “It takes a bit of time to decompress when you come back and you have to resist the temptation to just have a drink or something. You have to let it percolate in your mind.”

Sigourney Weaver said filming scenes near Manchester was “perfect” for the film because the location appeared “kind of a challenging place to live”describing it as “ a sort of half-scary place. It was always overcast,” Sigourney told the Press Association.“It looked like kind of a challenging place to live in some ways, with the weather and everything. It was so dramatic and perfect for our story.”

A Monster Calls is based on the best-selling novel by Patrick Ness. Actor Lewis MacDougall plays the young boy in the film, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, whose previous work includes The Impossible and The Orphanage.

At the Toronto International Film Festival screening on Friday and Saturday, it drew more than a few tears. It has been described as ‘a mixture of horror fantasy with real-world terrors’ and ‘Bayona’s take treads on territory that is more emotional and less fantastical to his friend and mentor Guillermo del Toro‘s Oscar-winning “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

A Monster Calls is due to be released in UK cinemas in January. Watch the trailer here.

Don’t forget the tissues!

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