Next Week – Blair Witch: The Sequel.


Flashback to 1999. Picture yourself hid behind a cushion watching the terrifying The Blair Witch Project on VCR. Remember the tension as you watched Characters Heather, Joshua and Michael venture into Burkittsville woods in Maryland investigating the mystery of the Blair Witch. EEK.

Now flash-forward, you are about to see the sequel to the iconic horror film that had us talking for a decade. Simply titled, Blair Witch, this film’s group of characters are set to return to the same location in Maryland. The group are led by Heather’s brother who wants to discover what happened to his sister all those years ago. The trailer provides a promising look into the creepy new film. The newest trailer confirms it. It has been shot, constructed and executed just like the original and we hope it lives up to the legend.

Releases into UK cinemas, 16th September 2016.

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