Its #NationalDogDay – so we are enjoying the Greatest Dogs in Movies

It’s #NationalDogDay! Whilst our team spoil our pooches with steaks and extra cuddles during Friday night movie-thon, we also decided to indulge us dog lovers in a count down of the best dog-moviestars.

enhanced-buzz-30533-1341246394-21 Beethoven – Beethoven (1992)

As the dog with his own movie trilogy- we couldn’t not make Beethoven king of the Dog-Stars. Fun Fact: Beethoven was this St. Bernard’s real name, so he essentially played himself.


Marley– Marley and me (2008)

How could we not feature cheeky chappy Marley? Fun Fact: In the movie Marley and Me, 22 different dogs played Marley, each one of them cripplingly cute!


Lady & Tramp, Lady and The Tramp (1955)

With the most iconic first date moment, these two jumped into our dog-stars list. Fun Fact: Walt Disney was prepared to cut their famous spaghetti eating scene thinking that it would not be romantic and that dogs eating spaghetti would look silly.


Baxter, Anchorman (2004)

If he’s #1 in Ron Burgundy’s heart, he’s #1 in ours. Fun Fact: Baxter was played by Peanut, a mixed-breed Border Terrier, and trained by Matilda de Cagny, who also worked on Back to the Future


Shadow & Chance, Homeward Bound (1993)

This dynamic duo had to make the list for Chance’s (American Bulldog) plucky personality and Shadow (Golden Retriever) the wise old timer who stole our hearts. The fact they could talk without making us cringe also fulfilled all our childhood dreams. Fun Fact: Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey was actually a remake of a 1963 Disney film similarly titled The Incredible Journey.


Milo, The Mask (1996)

For many people, Milo stole the show in the Mask. Both metaphorically and literally as he actually steals and wears the mask. But as a true man’s best friend, Milo basically saves the day for Stanley Ipkiss, who would surely have otherwise failed spectacularly. Fun Fact: Jim Carrey and Max (the Jack Russell) worked as a team on set- as a lot of their scenes together were completely ad-libbed.



Skip, My Dog Skip (2000)

The World War II-era tale of canine camaraderie. Fact: A dog named Enzo played Skip for most of “My Dog Skip”, but the All-star canine actor Moose (from “Frasier”) played him for a few scenes when Skip was older.



Toto, The Wizard of Oz (1938)

The little sidekick who became as legendary and the ruby slippers. Toto outs the Wizard by poking his adorbs wet nose behind that curtain. Without Toto, the people of Oz would still be living in fear of a giant fire head. Good Dog! Fun Fact: Terry (The Terrier) appeared in 15 films between 1934 and 1945.

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